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Toyota Vitz

Toyota Vitz

The Toyota Vitz is a five-door hatchback subcompact car produced by the Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota since 1998. Vitz is now in its third generation.

The most popular Vitz models in Sri Lanka are the 1.0L KSP90 and the 1.3L SCP90. The KSP90 has a 990cc 3 cylinder engine while the SCP90 has a 1290cc 4 cylinder engine. Both versions has CVT gear boxes.

Length 3785mm (Old face 3750mm, RS 3800mm)
Width 1695mm
Height 1520mm
Wheelbase 2460mm

The pre 2007/8 model is commonly refered to as the "old face Vitz" while the later model is called "new face Vitz".

Vitz Old Face Vs New Face
A comparison of the new face Vitz and the old face Vitz

Apart from the difference in external appereance the new face Vitz has 8 airbags!

Vitz 8 Airbags
A Toyota Vitz showing deployed airbags.

The new face Vitz is available in the following option packages:

  • U Package
  • F Package
  • F Intelligent Package
  • B Package
  • B Intelligent Package
  • I'LL Package
  • RS Package
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